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Send us your designs on  by email, USB or Dropbox and we can produce them for you.


Or, sign up and log in to compose and save your own designs right here online.


The best format for reliability is PDF files. This type of file reduces the likelyhood of changes when the file is moved from your computer to our computer. All our print prices are based on PDF files. We can accept other file types but work is often needed to correct such things as font changes before we can print from them. PDF is the cheapest and most reliable.


If you don't have your designs available as a computer file we can take your ideas and create them for you. The best solution, depending upon the complexity of the job, is for you to draw up a draft of your ideas on paper, we can then use this to produce a proof copy for you to look at and make any changes you require to the content or the colours etc. 


Our graphic designer will work with you to create exactly what you want and then forward the files in the correct format directly to us for printing.

Just bring us your ideas and look no further ...we can help !